Année 2022

- Determination of the Response Amplitude Operator of a tidal turbine as a spectral transfer function
Gaurier Benoît, Germain Gregory, Facq Jean-Valery (2022)
International Marine Energy Journal, 5(2), 151-160. Publisher's official version : , Open Access version :

- Breaking wave bubble measurements around ship model by optical probe
Khaddaj-Mallat Bachar, Germain Gregory, Billard Jean-Yves, Gabillet Céline (2022)
Ocean Engineering, 246, 110438 (12p.).

- Prediction of the tidal turbine power fluctuations from the knowledge of incoming flow structures
Druault Philippe, Germain Gregory (2022)
Ocean Engineering, 252, 111180 (17p.).

- Experimental study of the shear flow effect on tidal turbine blade loading variation
Magnier Maelys, Delette Nina, Druault Philippe, Gaurier Benoit, Germain Gregory
Renewable Energy  IN PRESS.

- Comparison of the experimental response of two horizontal axis tidal turbines to wave and current.
Dufour Marc-Amaury, Gaurier Benoît, Pinon Grégory, Germain Gregory, Facq Jean-Valery, Togneric Michael, Represas Fabio, Nicolas Erwann, Marcillee Julie (2022)
CFM2022 - 25ème Congrès Français de Mécanique. 29 août au 2 septembre 2022, Nantes.